NikkiNevada – Won’t You Cum In My Open Mouth?

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Won’t You Cum In My Open Mouth?

I’ve just come home from a long day at the office. I still have on my white button down shirt and skirt. You have been fantasizing all day about what you will have me do when I get home. You’ve decided that you want me to get down on my knees next to the bed, unbutton my shirt just a bit, and open my mouth wide. You stand in front of me, unzip your pants, pull out you cock and start jerking off. You tell me not to move and stay just like I am with my mouth open and ready to receive a nice big load of your cum. I do as I’m told, my only movements are to fondle my big beautiful breasts and to rub my pussy which gets you even closer to shooting your load. I start to drool. You can’t stand it any more once you see the drool running out of my mouth, down my chin, onto my beautiful breasts. You shoot your load into my eagerly awaiting mouth. (Solo 10 minute video)

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NikkiNevada – Won’t You Cum In My Open Mouth?

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