NikkiNevada – The Sexy Hitchhiker

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The Sexy Hitchhiker

What a day! My car broke down so now I am stuck walking home. Oh, maybe my luck is getting better. A hot guy on a motorbike is stopping to offer me a ride. Of course I’m sure I wouldn’t have been walking long in any case considering what I am wearing. I’m dressed in a corset, mini skirt, and thigh high boots with dark lipstick.Once we get to my place I decide to have some fun. I tease him a bit with my outfit and the fact I am not wearing any panties. Then I kneel and give him a blowjob. I quickly get him off in my mouth. But I’m no where near done with him. I get on the bed and tease some more getting him hard again in no time. I masturbate with a dildo just like I am riding his cock in different positions until I cum. ***Solo masturbation video***

NikkiNevada - The Sexy Hitchhiker

NikkiNevada – The Sexy Hitchhiker

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