SEXbombKAY – Fick meinen Arsch

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Fick meinen Arsch

After a long afternoon of sex and my pussy now feeling large and very swollen it was now time for both us to explode. My fuck friend wanted to fuck my arse, so he started to lubricate my arse with his finger while I was bent over and my cheeks spread apart. While he was doing this I had a vibrating dildo in my pussy, I was enjoying this so much that I could not wait form him to insert his cock into my arse. Eventually he slowly inserted his lubricated cock into my arse and sent me into ecstasy straight away. I could now feel his cock deep inside my arse and at the same time feel both his cock and my dildo together. He was fucking so hard and deep it did not take long for him to explode his cream inside and outside my arse, he came so much I thought he wasn’t going to stop. LOL

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SEXbombKAY – Fick meinen Arsch

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