bondageangel – Slave and my new leather over knees boots

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Slave and my new leather over knees boots

Today (28 October 2016) I first time put on a new high leather boots. These boots are a birthday gift from my slave. As reward in this boots sees first his leather Mistress! I was dressed in a leather outfit. Leather miniskirt, leather vest and long leather gloves. I’m sitting comfortably on a leather couch and my slave with handcuffs kneel in front of me. Slave first must worship and lick my leather boots. I look at the magazine and disregard he. Enough! That’s enough! Slave on my command must now begin to masturbate. I want his cum on my shoes! Slave masturbates by command while I’m resting on the couch. Soon squirts cum on my shoes. I am satisfied, but … But I give him new orders to lick semen on my boots. Slave glower, but starts to lick cum. Stop! Most cum must remain on boots, because I want this to take pictures! Slave take a camera into their hands still handcuffed and take pictures me. Ok, I am satisfied, but at the end of my slave must clean my boots wet tissues. Boots shine wonderfully. Today I was on my slave’s merciful, because it is not accustomed to lick and eat own sperm. But next time will have to lick all own the cum!

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bondageangel – Slave and my new leather over knees boots

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