Angel-Desert – Medical Mistake

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Medical Mistake

Today was Tuesday. My day off. I work as a personal nurse from a good family. My patient man. This is a man at the age. Quite a good appearance and is still under power. He jokes with me, and I’m good to him. He called me on my cell. He complained of a headache. I usually come to him on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays. I went to his bedroom and looked at him. Temperature no was, pulse was normal. He suffers from headaches. I decided to give him the pills from the head. He drank them while I went to prepare a solution for its injection. I returned and asked how his head? My hand touched something that hard. Oh my God! His cock protruded from under the sheets. This morning risers? What happened? Oh no, it’s my fault, I gave you the wrong pills. I give you Viagra. You got me fired? I do not want to lose my job. I feel so guilty. I’ll take care of it……… Now you feel much better. Watch at your own risk
P.S. Looking for the first time this video, you will revise it a million times

Angel-Desert - Medical Mistake

Angel-Desert – Medical Mistake

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