Angel-Desert – Buying a new Living mannequin..

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Buying a new Living mannequin..

The guy come in the store. He decided to buy a new living mannequin. A guy sees a beautiful mannequin, her facial expression is always a look of surprise, her mouth slightly open, her expressive eyes beautiful. The guy plays with her body before buying, he carries the mannequin and manipulating hers body and hands. He plays with hers face, hugs hers skinny little body and inhale hers scent. A guy buys a mannequin and send her in his home, and now he is her owner. He can do with beautiful living mannequin whatever he wants.

Him very interesting to see how looks like a mannequin without clothes. Owner undress beautiful living mannequin and explore all her beautiful body close-up, and also from far away. He stroked her beautiful legs and small breasts. He explore her ass, he put on her body a raincoat and put her on the sofa. He then distribute her legs for a better dissemination of posing. Thus, the owner decides to play with a good realistic pussy mannequin, he first uses his fingers, and then he uses a dildo. He slowly put dildo in the pussy and do movements…. To be continued ….

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Angel-Desert – Buying a new Living mannequin..

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